Had the opportunity to photograph Nora the other day. Some times you meet someone with more energy than the batteries in my camera. That’s Nora.

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Beginning of editing today’s photo shoot.


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Sunday Morning

This is the calmest my day will be.


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Sky and Water

I’ll admit it, I’m not one for swimming. If I’m getting wet it’s because I’m in the shower. Well, today being Memorial Day I was asked if I wanted to go out on our friend’s boat. Sure, why not. I needed to balance out my tan lines anyway. So I brought my Canon film camera with Rollie ISO 25 black and white film loaded in it and proceeded to shoot a few images. Wasn’t going to be the epic shoot I had imagined as there was way too much going on in too small of a space. So after putting that camera away, for the sake of ease, I fired up the iPhone and selected Camera + and shot. Nothing too wild. But it gave me the chance to document a great day. Makes me think I should invest in one of those little Sony cameras with interchangeable lenses! Hmmm…


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Yoga Lines

Photographing yoga is one of my favorite things to shoot.

Any chance I get to photograph yogi’s in their yoga practice, I jump at it. The lines the asana’s deliver are amazing and it never gets old. For more images please visit

Yogi: Carrie

Location: Gotta Yoga LKN

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Last One Standing

I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your home to a highway. I highly doubt these people had a choice in the matter. I drove past one day and there was a guy standing almost in this same spot, long before the trees had been taken down and the rolling green flattened, taking a photo. I thought to myself “That must be his home.” I have to believe that was a sad day for him.

Future location of I-485 in Charlotte, NC

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